Studying in the UK – why it’s my top choice!

The UK offers international students an excellent academic experience, from innovative teaching to the world’s most prestigious universities. One in four world leaders have studied in the UK, so if you’re dreaming of achieving big things, the UK has a long history of delivering. In addition to the world class education, the UK is filled with historical sights and ample opportunities to travel and be engulfed in a rich cultural experience. If you’re still not sure, here’s some more reasons why the UK is an absolute dream destination for studying abroad.

Internationally recognized universities

As per the QS World University Rankings, 4 UK universities have consistently been ranked in the top 10 universities in the world. Some of the UK’s most prestigious universities are Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College, London, University College London (UCL), Manchester University and the University of Edinburgh.

Quality education

UK universities have protected their long-standing tradition of educational excellence for decades. In fact, to ensure that the standards are upheld, official organizations conduct regular assessments and rate the quality of teaching staff, research standards and other measure on a regular basis.

Opportunities offered by the UK Education System

The UK has over 150,000 programs/courses that you can choose from. The duration of these courses are generally shorter than anywhere else in the world. UK universities integrate various subjects into a single study course that helps shorten the duration of the degree. This in turn accounts for a lower tuition fee, which makes studying in the UK a more affordable choice. Plus, almost all of them provide English language support to encourage international students in completing their degree successfully.

Part time opportunities

It’s common for students in the UK to take up part-time work, along with their studies. Part-time jobs, internships, and volunteering opportunities are readily available. You can even apply for on-campus placement and work support to help you cover your cost of living while you are still studying.

Scholarships and financial support

Scholarships can go a long way in helping you with your finances and dreams of studying abroad. Almost all universities offer scholarships in terms of fee reductions, stipends, or bursaries. Remember, scholarships aren’t the only way you can get financial support, working as a research assistant or teaching assistant can also help you with the same.

Health benefits

Another major perk of studying in the UK is the great healthcare system. International students in the UK can get free medical treatment as sanctioned by the National Health Service (NHS) if they are enrolled in a full-time course. You will also be exempted from payment of medical expenses of your spouse/partner and/or dependent children residing with you during your study abroad program.

Cross-cultural experience

Indian students make up a large portion of the international student community in the UK but there are many other nationalities and cultures that you will get to interact with here. Studying in the UK is an opportunity to experience a diverse environment, meet students from around the world, and discover new places.

Mental health support

Student’s mental health is of high priority for UK universities. The government encourages close and open interaction between the teachers and students which can help you adjust to your new environment. You can also visit professional counsellors and advisors whenever you feel like you need to talk to an expert. Most universities offer free counselling and support for students.

The quality of education, exposure, and experiences you get at a UK university is like none other. The list above just scratches the surface! To learn more about educational opportunities in the UK, start a co-design session with a Dream maker. Or, if there’s a specific topic you would like to know more about, email us , and we will find an expert to write about it.

Date Published: May-12-2022

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