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As an international student, your time abroad does not need to end when you graduate. For many students, the next step is staying in the country to find a job and eventually settling there. This can be a difficult transition as you might struggle to find jobs, internships, or work placements. That is why you must make use of event that showcase career opportunities, as they are the single best way to establish meaningful connections with a range of potential employers and to learn about the industries with employment opportunities.

At these events employers, recruiters, and institutions come together to network with students and showcase the various roles available in their organisation. It can be a convenient place to meet with recruiters, learn about new industries and find the right job for yourself as several big companies and employers participate. Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional, your networking skills will prove to be valuable when making new connections for your next career move.
Dozens of events take place across Australia on an annual basis. These fairs cover a variety of industries, connecting job seekers and students with organizations and recruiters.

The best part about attending these events is that it puts you face to face with people who can answer questions about your career opportunities, guide you on your professional path and sometimes offer you a job on the spot. Employers have specifically registered for these fairs to meet you, so prepare beforehand and use this opportunity to get a head start in the competitive graduate market. Here’s a look at the top reasons you should sign up for job fairs.

It’s good practice

It can be an intimidating experience to speak with potential employers, but practice makes perfect, events are the perfect opportunity for you to test out your communication skills. As an international student, you will be able to pick up useful tips on how to bridge certain cultural gaps and observe how people interact.

A whole world of options

Attending employment focused events will bring you up-to-date with the skills and graduate positions in demand. You will get to connect with the employers of your choice as well as discover job opportunities that you didn’t know existed and may have completely missed in your online job search. You can also ask any queries that you have from the person who has company knowledge and expertise instead of waiting for a reply online.

A dazzling place to network

Networking is everything when it comes to going after your dream job. At job fairs, employers are on the lookout for the stand out talent and you can take advantage of this to expand your network. Even if you don’t leave the event with a job, valuable connections can be made, and these contacts could be the very same individuals who connect with you about a job someday.

Learn new skills

Universities in Australia conduct events at least once a year. Schedule it in your Calendar and attend. Most of the job fairs in Australia conduct seminars and lectures where you can learn new skills like brushing up on resumes, interviewing skills, how to optimize online job searches, networking skills and specific information sessions for international students etc.

Land jobs and internships!

The most obvious benefit of attending is that you will be able to bag a job if you make a good impression. International students can land an interview right on the spot, something that would otherwise take days or months if you were to do it virtually. And even if you don’t get the job immediately, companies can always take your resume and reach out to you in the future. It’s also a good place for securing an internship which could ultimately lead to a full-time position.

Making a great first impression is essential if you want to make the most of the opportunities that events provide. Here are a few tips that can help you on the big day:

Do your research

Showing potential employers that you’ve done your homework on their company can be very impressive. While it’s perfectly acceptable to take part without any planning, you’ll definitely make more of an impact if you know a little bit about the organizations in attendance.

Come prepared

Take any event with future employers seriously. Dress your best, so that you can impress your potential employer at the very first instance. First impressions last and you may not get another opportunity. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be spending a lot of time standing and networking. Carry a current resume, preferably on a USB stick or hard copy, a bag to collect all the exhibitors’ brochures and free gifts, your phone as lots of exhibitors will have QR codes with further information, and a notebook to record all of your important contacts and tips to follow up on later.

Ask questions

These events are not the place to be shy. Make sure you ask plenty of questions with respect and get all the guidance you need. Asking questions will demonstrate your interest and make you stand out from the crowd. It may even get you to the top of the hiring list.

Going to any event can be daunting, but with a bit of preparation, this doesn’t have to be the case. Identify the most relevant events that match with your interests. If you know someone else that may be interested, invite a friend to go with you. At the events, you will be able to develop your skills through high-grade workshops and employability programs. Get a taste of your career and industry by taking part in employer information sessions. Get planning and set yourself up for a successful career.

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Date Published: Jun-09-2022

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