Make the best use of your after-classes time at uni

Your time in college will be the most exciting and memorable days of your life. When you enroll in a foreign university, it not only offers you the environment to learn and develop your academic skills but also the opportunity to explore and broaden your personality. In fact, your university is not the only place to indulge in new adventures and make friends. Make the most of your free time after classes with these simple yet thrilling activities both inside and outside of your college.

Work out

A full day of classes means sitting still while your brain does all the work. That is why hitting the gym either when you have some free time in between classes or once you get done for the day can be absolutely rejuvenating. Packing in some hard-hitting cardio, relaxing yoga, or swimming can really amp up your spirits and help you stay active for the rest of the day. Most universities are well equipped with fitness facilities so start there before exploring elsewhere.

Catch a little café time

The easiest way to feel like you belong in a new place is by making it your own. Scout the area with some of your best mates and find some cozy cafés. You’ll need your own little alcove of comfort to unwind on both good and bad days.

Club activities

Club activities have to be the most understated university feature. Although the urge to rush out of university once you get done with classes can be extremely strong, you need to give after-class clubs a chance. The range of extracurricular activities can surprise you and this is also a great way to meet some like-minded peers.


Some alone time after the busy days at university can be very refreshing. Find a serene nook around college or go out to your favorite café to get lost in a book. Reading can be therapeutic in more ways than one and you will realize this only when you give it a shot! Get out of your stressed-out reality for a bit and sink into a good book.

Hang out in your dorm

College dorms are your home away from home. Spend some time socializing and hanging out with your roomie or dorm-mates. Decorate and make it a cozy retreat for movie nights, dorm parties and many more solo or group activities.


Don’t limit yourself to sticking around your accommodation whenever you have some free time. Go explore your university grounds and get acquainted with every twist and turn. Find out more about the local culture, popular places, and new people by making it your mission to go around the place and mingle.

Have a family chat

It’s common to get a little home-sick when you’re away from your family, so make sure to take some time out and talk to them. Exchange stories of how things have been going and if you’re still feeling low, a virtual dinner party or even a family trivia night can really make you feel connected with your loved ones back home.


Well-paying part-time jobs are one of the biggest perks of studying abroad. The high number of jobs available lets you choose one that best fits your availability. These jobs can really help you earn some serious cash while also giving you a taste of how the working world functions. Get paid while making some new friends and learning about exciting cultures!

Spend time networking

College is one of the best places to network and meet people who can help you grow in your academic and professional journey. Making some notable connections offline and online should be a key focus when you have some time on your hands. This will come in handy when you need a reference or contact in the future.

Plan a weekend trip

A college experience would be incomplete without trips with your friends. Make use of your free time to plan a trip and have some fun. That way you can take advantage of a long weekend or a semester break to have your fill of new and invigorating experiences.

Enjoy your time in college to the fullest with these easy tips. College allows you to reinvent yourself and follow hobbies you were never interested in before. It is important to have a rounded experience to develop a strong personality. Venture out of your comfort zone and see where you land!

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Date Published: Apr-04-2022

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