Student tips for a relaxed yet productive weekend

As the weekend approaches, everybody’s got the same problem: whether to have fun or catch up on work. Here are some handy tips to help balance your weekends with the right amount of personal development and relaxation.

Turn chores into a party!

It’s always more fun to do menial tasks when you have someone to do them with you. Make some time to finish off those boring weekly tasks first so that you have the rest of the weekend to do whatever you like. You and your friends can work together to organize your rooms or stock up on groceries. You can even turn it into a competition to see who runs through all their tasks the fastest.

Get work out of the way in the morning

Mornings are the best time to study or work on assignments while your mind is fresh and motivation is high. When you get done with your work, you have earned the right to have some well-deserved time out to blow off some steam. The perfect guilt-free weekend!

Pay attention to yourself

Treat yourself to a good time whenever the opportunity arises; to freshen yourself up for the coming week. The options are limitless- plan a day at the spa, have an outdoor picnic or sign up for a fun workshop to learn a new craft. Weekends should be about recuperating, so grab a friend and do some self-loving.

Keep Sunday evenings free for prep

The dread of Monday morning approaching can be managed through a simple exercise of planning for the week on Sunday night. Make lists, set reminders, and draw up a study plan so that all of your tasks for the week are structured and become doable.

Invest time and effort in a university club

Student clubs are a great way to find new interests and hobbies, so make sure to check out the different clubs at your university. Taking part in something educational and fun can be immensely beneficial for your mental well-being and your studies. If you are not sure which club to join, just pick one! It’s more about the people in the club than the club itself.

Don’t compromise on party time

You’re in a new country with new people and cultures and a whole lot of places to explore. Spend some of your weekends exploring, partying, and traveling. Make memories that you will cherish forever! But also make sure you don’t overdo it so that the coming week’s workload is manageable.


If you’re ever feeling low or unsatisfied, participating in volunteering activities can be very rewarding and will pick your spirits right up. A couple of hours spent giving back to society can give you some perspective and time out from your own life. You will also meet some interesting and like-minded people.

Read for enjoyment

It’s easy to avoid reading outside of your courses, but reading for fun can be more relaxing than you imagine, especially when compared to binging on movies or playing video games. If reading books isn’t your idea of a good time, then try some light reading with magazines or well-researched articles. They can have the same effect with much less stimulation.

Play a sport with friends

Over the weekends, turn working out into a group activity with new acquaintances or friends. Or exercise with a view by taking part in a hike or a trek. Another seriously understated activity that is fun to do with others is cycling. If you’re an adventure buff who’s looking for extreme sports or someone looking for something exciting to do over the weekend, do some research and find out what kind of activities your local city or town offers.

Go local

From learning about the culture and trying out new cuisines, moving to a new place offers a mixed bag of exciting things to do. Use public transport when you need to travel and experience the lives of those around you. Eat at locally-owned places and ask them questions about the area. You will learn so much more from local people than from any tour guide.

Indulging in a few of these activities can help you make a big change to your weekend enjoyment levels, which means a more productive and engaging week ahead. Be consistent each weekend, and you will soon see how your efforts benefit your studies and lifestyle.

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Date Published: Apr-18-2022

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