What happens at uni “O” (Orientation) Week in Australia

Landing at your new university can be daunting and overwhelming and that’s why Australian universities have “O-week”. It is a rite of passage that allows you to make the most of your time at uni by connecting with your peers and mentors, in person and virtually. O week is usually held the week before the first semester classes commence. Students can get to know their new campus, meet the teaching staff, get introduced to the plethora of different clubs and societies, make friends and discover what opportunities exist on and off-campus during the year. It’s a week full of fun and practical tips that will help you survive the semester ahead.

Getting all of the tips tricks and meeting new friends in your first week sets you up for success and gives you the support that you need to thrive. The best way to find out what O week looks like at your university is to check out the website for details of information sessions, campus tours, and social events. Here’s a guide to what happens during O week in Australia.

The itinerary

It might be tempting to pack your schedule to an overreaching extent but it is important to plan, plan, plan your week so you don’t miss the important study related info sessions and fun activities. The sooner you work out how to navigate campus life the easier things will be.

The campus tour

Book a campus tour to get the insider tips on where all the essential spots are like the food hall, lecture theatres, gym, student service offices and great coffee! Working these things out on your own could takes weeks so avoid missing out or getting lost on campus by nailing the art of navigation in your first few weeks. This will make you feel more confident and hopefully never late for class!

The university societies and clubs

The best way to meet like-minded people is by joining one of the many university clubs and societies. Stalls are set up during O week for you to sign up and find out more. Sometimes they even give away free food and merchandise as part of their promotions. Most university websites list all the clubs and societies, so prepare beforehand so you don’t miss out!

The freebies

In addition to all the resourceful meetings and seminars, students can pick up O week goodie bags and freebies which contain useful items. You will find magazines, stationery, vouchers, water bottles, USBs, and snacks. Some unis take it to the next level with free live music events and parties..

The uni prep

O week is also about getting down to business, which means getting your student ID and timetable sorted. You can find all the information you need at the administration center about your campus. The sooner you get your student ID, the sooner you can avail the generous student discounts. As an international student, you can also partake in sessions that will teach you about life in Australia, accommodation, public transport, finding part-time work, safety, and looking after your health.

The additional resources

Find out about the services that are available to you on campus. Most unis have free on-site medical, academic, and legal advice. It’s always good to know where these resources are before you actually need them. You can get more information on your course, choose your subjects and meet the support staff.

The fun of O week

Don’t let the nerves of moving away from home take away from the excitement of starting a new journey. Participate and spend some quality time with your new friends. On-campus students can keep the party going all night. O week exists to give you a taste of what your life at university is going to be like, so make sure you take the time to have fun, make new friends and enjoy yourself.

This is a basic run-down of what goes on at most Australian O weeks. It can be a joyful celebration for students from Australia and overseas who are beginning their studies as well as a critical week to help you settle into the campus lifestyle.

To find out more information about the orientation sessions and activities, make sure to check out the information on your institution’s website.

If you can’t wait to begin your journey studying abroad so that you can bask in all the fun O-week has to offer, contact us to help us make your dreams come true.

Date Published: Apr-28-2022

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