Why the 2032 Olympics is Making Brisbane a Popular Destination for International Students

Brisbane has been crowned the host of the 2032 Summer Olympic Games, and the vibrant city is transforming into something even more incredible. Always popular for its friendliness, the Brisbane community vibe always makes you feel welcomed in the city. Did you know that Brisbane’s City Welcome Festival is the largest orientation day in Australia! Even better, the student clubs, associations, and interest groups let you mingle, network, and meet new friends everyday.

Brisbane is also known for its cultural activities, which allows you to experience first hand cultures that you may never had heard of. You will also love the proud representation and sharing of multicultural and exotic cuisine. From fine dining to homey cafes and kiosks, you can enjoy specialties of indigenous Australia, China, Japan, India, Middle East, Greece, Germany, Latin America, and many more regions.

In spite of being one of the biggest cities in Australia, Brisbane has a more affordable standard of living than Melbourne and Sydney. If you are on a limited budget and want to avoid a hefty student loan Brisbane is a gret option. Part-time jobs are plentiful and international students can earn money while studying in the city.

Complete with world-ranked educational institutions, perfect weather, and proximity to some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders, studying in Brisbane is nothing short of a dream. And with the Olympic buzz, here’s why Brisbane is quickly rising to the top of most desirable study destinations:

Strong sense of community

Home to over 200 nationalities and 220 languages, Brisbane is a melting pot of cultures where you can be sure to expect a warm welcome. The Olympics Games have further strengthened this sense of community as local businesses and residents are taking part in activities leading up to the event. Businesses and government partnerships are also expected to grow and strengthen. Preparation for the Games is now well underway and the government has injected $190M into the economy to build the necessary infrastructure and services for the community.

Economic boost

Hosting the Olympics generally brings an influx of business, and the 2032 Brisbane Olympics will support Brisbane and South East Qld directly while stimulating other regional locations in Queensland. This brings with it more job opportunities, perks and benefits, and community activities like sports and volunteering. Students will be able to volunteer and showcase their adopted city to the world.

Increased infrastructure and transport

The world’s largest sporting event provides a platform to enhance and develop local technology, infrastructure and services. The lasting effects of the 2032 Olympics will provide a better transport network and accessibility for the city.

Brisbane is home to one of Australia’s most sustainable universities, The University of Queensland. A carbon neutral University, which is helping make strides in improving quality of life, combating environmental issues and embracing clean, green living. With the increased funding and support, more institutions like this can grow and make history.

Top student city

Compared to most student cities in Australia, the average cost of living is lower in Brisbane. Paired with the fact that it has an array of renowned universities, a great urban lifestyle culture, and a buzzing student atmosphere, it is one of the best cities for international students in Australia.

Brisbane is filled with diverse and youthful places to mingle with young crowds like Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Roma Street Parkland, Campos Coffee, New Farm Park, and Bonsai Botanika – a Japanese fusion café. With the Olympic Games preparations starting, you can experience the spirit and excitement of one of the world’s biggest events in one of the most exciting cities for students. Talk about a package deal!

Diverse terrain

At the end of the day, Brisbane is known for its sun, sand, and surf. Your university life will bring you close to the gorgeous Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, two of the world’s most famous beaches. Brisbane is also a springboard to a surfer’s paradise. Then there are the rainforests and mountain ranges. You can hike up Brisbane’s inner-city mountain, Mount Cootha, or explore d’Aguilar National Park.
These terrains give Brisbane dwellers a strong sense of thrill and adventure. Much like the Olympics, the city invites thrill seekers and there is a general sporty energy all year round. With the upcoming games, this energy is only going up.

Studying in Brisbane means access to everything from the nearby beaches and lush subtropical rainforests to a bustling cosmopolitan city. The city offers a range of lifestyle options like no other Australian city. Brisbane continues to be an inclusive study destination and is known as a safe and welcoming place to live. With the 2032 Olympics coming up, the city is now at a stage where things are developing rapidly, and opportunities are opening up in abundance.

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Date Published: Jul-14-2022

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