Why you should intern during your University years

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If you are asked what is the one thing that you would recommend to a student as they start their university journey, there’s only one answer – an internship. Here’s why!

The Top 10 Benefits of Interning:

1. Gives you a competitive edge

In such a saturated job market, any little bit that can make you stand out from the rest is an advantage. By having internship experience, you are giving yourself an edge over those who don’t.

2. Helps you figure out what you want to do

A lot of students go into university not knowing what they want to do. And that’s okay! An internship is a great way to try out different roles and fields to see what you like and don’t like.

3. Helps you build your network

The number one reason why people get jobs is because they know someone. By interning, you are building relationships with professionals in your field who can eventually help you get a job.

4. Helps you build your resume

Internships are great to put on your resume as they show that you have experience in the field and have taken initiative to gain more experience.

5. Gives you an opportunity to make mistakes

In an internship, you are given the opportunity to make mistakes without any major consequences. This is a great learning experience as it allows you to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

6. Helps you develop new skills

Throughout your internship, you will likely pick up new skills that will be beneficial in your future career.

7. Helps you learn about yourself

An internship is a great way to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your weaknesses, you can work on them to become a stronger professional.

8. Gives you a sense of responsibility

In an internship, you are usually given tasks that are similar to what you would be doing in a full-time job. This allows you to get a sense of what it is like to have responsibilities in the workplace.

9. Helps you understand the work culture

Every workplace has its own unique culture. By interning, you will get a better understanding of the type of workplace environment that you would like to be in.

10. It’s a great way to make friends

One of the best things about interning is that you will meet so many new people. These relationships can last long beyond your internship and can even turn into professional connections.

There are endless reasons why interning is beneficial for students. If you have the opportunity to do an internship, we highly recommend that you take it! It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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Date Published: Aug-29-2022

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