Tips to help you secure a scholarship for a UK university

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to gain international exposure but it comes at a heavy price. The tuition fee and living expenses can amount to a fairly large sum. Luckily, scholarships help you ease your financial burden and help you fulfill your dreams of studying abroad.

The scholarship application process in the UK can vary from university to university. Some may require more documents than others. The amount of funding available will also depend on the university you choose, what you study, and your current financial situation. Some universities offer full-fee scholarships with maintenance grants (stipends), some offer bursaries to help students in financial difficulty, and some provide on campus teaching positions. Scholarships are competitive and highly sought after and applying for scholarships might feel like a Herculean task but, if you follow the tips below, you will find the entire process a whole lot easier!

Get in early!

A lot of students miss out on scholarships because they didn’t apply on time. Cut your competition in half by ensuring you are aware of the deadlines. Start setting goals early on so that you are organized and don’t miss the important deadlines. More importantly, schools have a specific amount of funding available, and the earlier you apply, the better your chances are of getting a scholarship will be.

Knowledge is power

In other words, do your research. It is important that you know exactly what is needed to make your scholarship application stand out! University websites are extremely resourceful. They will have a dedicated page for scholarships. You can find all the relevant information about each scholarship here. Make sure you have all the supporting documents needed before you apply. If your heart is set on a particular university, then their website is a good place to start your search.

Search for other scholarship providers

Universities are not the only ones that can offer scholarships. So, look beyond and you will find alternative scholarship providers – like government scholarships or private scholarships. You can find out about these external scholarships through various resources, such as government websites, the British Council or other scholarship portals.

Write an interesting essay

After you have identified a relevant scholarship to apply for, make sure you write a stellar essay! Understand the key theme in the scholarship statement and ensure you use synonyms of the key words used in the scholarship statement. These essays need to be written honestly and adequately. Most importantly, make it engaging and stand out to the reader.

Get others to read your essay

It’s always a good idea to have someone proofread your essay before you submit it. This could save you from the sending in an essay with grammatical errors or typos. Also, feedback can help you become more aware of your strengths and achievements.

Manage your time well

Practice time management as much as you can, especially if you’re juggling multiple scholarship applications. Make a calendar of all the deadlines and give yourself ample time to draft the application, collect required documents and dedicate time to write a stellar essay to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Apply, apply, apply!

Finally, the last and most important piece of advice is to stop doubting yourself and start applying! Believe in yourself and pen down all of your achievements. Just stay focused on the end goal and give it your best shot. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

Remember, even if you do not receive a scholarship as a new student, you can always apply for a scholarship as an existing student at a university. Just remember to follow these tips to help you scale up your scholarship application. Even without scholarships, there are ways to finance your education like taking out student loans, getting help from your friends and family, and government and company sponsorships and scholarships.

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Date Published: May-05-2022

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