Partnering for impact

Our mission is to support students to achieve their dreams and schools and universities to develop valued and sustainable relationships. Our team has decades of experience leading student recruitment teams at top universities in the world and also working with leading Indian education agencies. We understand the needs of student recruitment teams intimately, and how best to service them. We are experienced in B2B and B2C student recruitment and adopt a diverse and unique approach with each partner.

Our approach

Our partner-centric approach brings the strategy, planning, activation and insights to help you to be agile and transform your student recruitment strategy to drive growth and create sustainable value for your institution.


Students from national &
international curriculums




across India


across India

The Indian Strategic Alliance Network Program

The program aims to bolster university’s student recruitment efforts in India to complement the traditional events and B2C channels. The program will enable sustainable brand building and engagement with key feeder channels to increase connections with priority partners and create positive, lasting pipelines of students with a cohort recruitment approach.

Partner with us

Engagement opportunities


1:1 co design sessions, info sessions, masterclasses, competitions, academic lectures, education fairs, targeted application activities, predeparture support

School leaders

Leadership development, thought leadership, articulation pathways, expert opinions

Educators & counsellors

Info sessions, teacher training, career development


1:1 counselling session, education fairs, parent networking, predeparture support


Bond University Entreprenow Challenge

The Entreprenow Challenge was an inter-school business competition. Highlighting Bond’s Business School’s academic excellence.

Reach – 28+ cities, 60+ schools.

ETS TOEFL English Bootcamp

In partnership with ETS TOEFL delivery of an academic English bootcamp to support students in the application process who are preparing for an English test.

Reach – 20+ cities, 60+ schools.

JCU EduCon 2022

Dean’s Colloquium with the College of Business, Law and Governance and College of Science and Engineering. Targeted session with students and educators.

A few universities that have partnered with us


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