About Scholarships

Scholarships are provided by governments, universities, university partners, and sporting organisations. Scholarships vary according to study area and university but they are typically awarded based on a student’s academic performance or unique social standing.

Types of scholarships

  • Tuition fees: covers full or part tuition fees charged by a university for a semester, one year or the entire program. These scholarships are typically offered to students with outstanding academic performance or in need of financial support
  • Accommodation: covers the cost of accommodation for the duration of the study period
  • Travel discount: funds a portion or the full amount of travel costs incurred by the student, including airfare and baggage allowance.

For International Students

Scholarships are available for international students, however there is a high level of competition for them. Qualifications and requirements vary for each scholarship. International students can be awarded the following types of scholarships.

  • Merit or career based: Based on a student’s academic, athletic, artistic or other abilities
  • Student specific: Based on a student’s nationality, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, financial difficulty or medical history. These scholarships promote equality among different sections of society
  • Program or subject based: Awarded to a student studying a particular program or subject, where the program or subject has received government, university, or university partner support.


You typically apply for a scholarship around the same time you apply to study. Explore your options with one of our Dream Makers to confirm the scholarship deadlines you need to keep in mind.

Gradstar support

Our Dream Makers can help you increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship in the following ways:

  • by guiding you towards the types of scholarships you are most eligible for
  • by helping you prepare a scholarship application that highlights your achievements or unique qualities, as well as satisfying all scholarship criteria
  • by helping you prepare your scholarship essay or statement of purpose.

How to apply

Scholarship application processes and deadlines vary between programs and universities. Book an appointment with a Dream Maker as a first step and express your desire to apply for a scholarship. Our Dream Maker will guide you on your options, the relevant deadlines, and how to apply.