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A Word from Our CEO

Empower Through Education

Higher education is not just an investment in a degree – it is an investment in a better future. At Gradstar Global, we bring intentionality to our student success efforts, empowering Indian students and their communities by making a global education accessible.

One educated person can uplift ten more in their communities. Our Co-Design Process® equips our students' ambitions and goals with the right tools, knowledge, and expertise necessary to turn opportunity into reality, uplifting individuals and societies.

Our Leaders


Charlton D'Silva

Global CEO & Founder

A global media executive with 30 years at the forefront of driving innovation and change in the new media world order, Charlton has a wealth of experience in marketing, global media leverage and strategy. Charlton previously worked with The Times of India Group, News Corp and was most recently the Asia-Pacific CEO for Publicitas.

Charlton has worked in the education marketing space for over 30 years. Both his parents were teachers and his father, Noel D'Silva was a global pioneer in non-formal education. Gradstar is the product of years of study and observation in the education sector, and the desire to offer a people- and technology-led education solution towards a better life.


Soni Khanna

Director – Global Engagement & Marketing

With her experience of over 20 years spanning different verticals in the education industry, Soni has contributed her expertise as a communicator and innovator to some of the largest education consulting brands globally. She has been a mentor, a consultant, and an effective communicator in the space. Soni is a regular attendee and speaker at NAFSA, ICEF, PIE Live, and AIEC. A successful higher education industry professional, Soni also has associations with brands including the University of Essex Online and TC Global.


Prashant Kumar

Director – Student Success

17+ years of experience as Country Head with leading student recruitment agencies like Edwise & Envision. Prashant Kumar is a successful leader with a long history of helping international education institutions recruit, retain and better serve students. His rich experience serving global institutions has been filled with innovation and successful ventures, developing strategies, creating international student recruiting solutions for agents and universities.

Our Student

Our Gradstars are the focal point of all our efforts. We aim to prime each student’s journey for success, aligning their dreams and ambitions with our expertise and global university networks, diversifying pathways to an excellent higher education abroad.

Our Team

Our Dream Makers are your expert Co-Design partners – from exploring the right programs to fit your needs, throughout the application process and beyond, they support you every step of the way.

Our Partners

Gradstar Global has rapidly developed its brand among global universities and local education providers as a professional organization committed to enhancing student access to global higher education opportunities across borders.

Co-Design Your Map to Studying Abroad