As an international student, you will need the F-1 visa to study in the USA. With this visa you can:

  • • Live and study in the USA for the duration of your degree
  • • Qualify for CPT and OPT (work experience relevant to your degree)
  • • Application Fee: Approx. USD $510

To apply for the F-1 Visa, you will need

Form I-20

from your university's Designed School Official (DSO)

Proof of Identity

e.g., passport, birth certifcate, national identity card

SEVIS Fee Payment

using the details on your Form I-2

Proof of English Language Ability

to indicate you can read, speak, write in English

Proof of Funds

of up to £470

DS-160 Form

the online visa application form

F-1 Visa Interview

to indicate genuine study intention

Prepare for Your Student Visa

With Our Student Success Consultant