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Gradstar’s Pre-Departure Support

You received your offer letter, your visa is all set, and your accommodation is booked and ready. The next step is arriving in your destination country and making it home.

Landing on a new continent can sometimes make you feel like a fish out of water. Gradstar’s Pre-Departure Support events exist to sync your expectations to reality. We walk you through handy tips on everything from the local culture, managing your money, and finding student jobs, to coping with homesickness and overcoming culture shock.

Eager to get a pre-departure low-down before arriving at your study abroad destination? Contact Gradstar Global today for your free one-on-one session, or sign up below to stay tuned for our Pre-Departure Events.

What to Focus on to Make Your Transition into Studying Abroad Easier
1. Minimize Culture Shock

The more you learn about where you will be living, the less unfamiliar and more exciting it will be. Overcome culture shock by knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

2. Money Matters

Learn everything you need to know about banking, foreign exchange, finding student discounts, and budgeting tips as an international student.

3. Student Jobs

Understand your work rights as an international student holding a student visa, and learn expert tips to find a job.

4. Find Student Support

Your study abroad destination invests a lot of resources to make your time as an international student smooth. We break down who to go to when you need support – with your academics, accommodation, job search, and even physical and mental wellness.

We are happy to cover all the above – from the ins and outs of your departure and arrival to what you should and shouldn’t pack. Get in touch with Gradstar for your Pre-Departure briefing and hit the ground running to study abroad!