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Co-Design Your Study Abroad Journey
With Our Experts

The Co-Design Process® empowers students to take control of their study abroad journey, equipping their goals with our expertise to turn opportunity into reality.

Our Student Success Consultants

Our Student Success Consultants are expert listeners, educators, study abroad consultants, course advisors, strategists and student supporters, all in one. When we say we co-design your study abroad experience, we mean one-to-one, personalized attention throughout every step of the process, bringing on board the knowledge and tools our students need to turn their goals into reality. From your first appointment with us until you land in your destination country, our Student Success Consultants support you every step of the way.

What Our Student Success Consultants Do

1. Personalized Program Shortlisting

Discover the right-fit program for you, matching your study & career goals, target intakes, preferred destination, budget, etc.

2. One-to-One Application Support

Build strong, accurate, complete, and error-free applications with the best shot at admissions success with our Student Success Consultants’ step-by-step guidance.

3. Scholarship & Funding Support

Explore funding and finance options, including scholarships and grants at top global universities, with the help of our Student Success Consultants.

4. Student Visa Application Guideline

Our immigration specialists simplify the student visa application process, supporting you through document collection, cover letter writing, visa interview practice, and more.

5. Explore Student Health Cover Options

Minimize uncertainty by exploring student health insurance requirements and options to find the right package for you.

6. Find & Book Accommodation

Remove the stress of finding a home away from home, leveraging our team’s experience in finding the right accommodation to fit your location, budget, and other needs.

7. Pre-Departure Briefing

Set sail for your study abroad destination fully equipped with what to expect regarding money matters, student jobs, finding student support, and more.

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