The costs of studying and living in Australia can vary quite a bit depending on a range of factors. The main components of your costs broadly split into your tuition fees and your living expenses. Let’s have a look at both.

Tuition Fees

Based on

The University

Generally, the bigger and more prestigious the university, the higher the tuition fees

Your Program

Technical and highly resource-intensive programs can be more expensive

Your Study Level

Generally, bachelor’s programs tend to be more expensive in comparison to postgraduate programs because of the longer course duration

Location of the University

The higher the cost of living in the city (and location within the city) where the university is located, the higher tuition fees tend to be

Tuition Fee Ranges

*for the 2024 academic year


AUD $34,500 per year

(Bachelor of Design / Business at Griffith University)


AUD $94,000 per year

(Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University Adelaide)

Postgraduate (Master’s):

AUD $6,256 per year

(Master of Leadership for Development at University of Melbourne)


AUD $88,500 per year

(Master of Dentistry at Griffith University)

Cost of Living

Your costs of living in Australia as an international student depend on a variety of factors. Are you staying on- or off-campus? Do you eat out often or do you cook yourself? Do you use public transport to get around? What sort of mobile plan are you using and where in the city do you live? All of these factors add up to your living expenses, and can look quite different depending on each student.

Costs of living depends on

The City
Location in City
Accommodation Type
Spending on Meals
Miscellaneous Expenses

(mobile plans, gym memberships, subscriptions)

Social Activities

(e.g., movies, concerts, sports events, nights out)

You can estimate your average costs of living using Study Australia’s Cost of Living Calculator.

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