We work with our university partners to expand and diversify their access to key student demographics in India, ensuring your enrolment strategies are agile, cost-effective, and results-oriented, accelerating right-fit students along our tailored recruitment pipeline and optimizing recruitment outcomes. Our strategic approach syncs target market insights and student priorities with partners’ key offerings, maximizing results while minimizing risk.

How We Maximize the Surface Area of Partner Outreach

One-to-One Counselling

presenting our partners’ programs and offerings during personalized one-to-one sessions with qualified prospects

Student Engagement Events

including our flagship GRADFair program, bring together our partners and qualified prospects for enhanced conversion

Established On-Ground Network of Schools

with prime opportunities for universities to engage target audiences directly

Enhanced Access to Quality Prospects

fast-tracking right-fit profiles down the application pipeline, with built-in screening verifying prospects

On-Ground Team Support

bringing in-depth market insight and a keen understanding of the market for sustainable recruitment strategies

Counsellor Training & Information Sessions

with partners to best understand how to represent them to our students

Our University Partners



Scale Your Recruitment Efforts with Optimized Reach and Enhanced Outcomes