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5 questions to ask your study abroad consultant

  • Gradstar
  • June 30, 2023
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Have you always dreamt of studying abroad, and when finally the time has come, you are overwhelmed by the research, documentation and decisions it requires? By asking your study abroad consultant (Dream Maker) the right questions upfront you can minimise the stress and focus on the exciting parts.

Gradstar Global Education is here to help you take on the world by providing you with free access to our highly experienced Dream Maker’s who support you throughout the whole process, from application to visa approval. So what are the key questions you should ask them? Let’s find out!

1. What are the course and country options available to me?

Are you excited about studying abroad but unsure about the right course or country? Then you cannot miss asking these questions.

Ideally, your study overseas consultants (Dream Maker) should tell you about the best study abroad programs based on your personality, preferences, career aspirations and interests. Some key questions they must ask you in advance:

  • What is your favourite subject and dream job?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you most enjoy about studying
  • Overview of your knowledge and qualifications.
  • What does your ideal course include?

The best study abroad consultants will come up with options based on the following criteria:

  • Programs/specializations in your desired subject or course.
  • Your non-negotiable requirements–facilities/weather/living cost/transport.
  • High quality academic, educational outcomes and teaching environment.
  • International students’ experience in the suggested universities.

Wondering where you’d find such ideal education consultants? Gradstar’s Dream Makers, who are the best study abroad experts can help; book an appointment today.

2. What are the qualifications and documents required to study abroad?

Do you find the documentation and research work boring? No doubt, it is a bit extensive and complex. But why do it yourself when we, your study abroad guides are here to help?

Apart from the basic GPA requirements, academic entry requirements may vary for different universities and programs.

A skilled study-abroad consultant will first curate a list of qualifications based on your programs and universities. They’ll then prepare the list of documents and assist you in arranging them in advance.

Here are some of the major documents that may need to be included:

  • Application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • English language proficiency test scores–IELTS, SAT, GRE
  • Study abroad essay
  • Valid passport with an expiry date of 6 months after the estimated return date

Remember, being clear about the qualification and sorting the documents accelerates your admission process and prevents any last-minute hassles. Makes it easy and stress-free right?

3. What are some challenges I should be prepared to face?

Studying abroad is certainly one of the most uniquely thrilling experiences you will take on in life. However, you might take time to adjust to drastic changes–culture shock, language, currency, and more.

Don’t forget to ask your Dream Maker for some strategies on how to overcome challenges while studying abroad.

The more mature way to deal with all this is to be aware of how your life will change by talking one-on-one or offline with us, your experienced study-abroad Dream Maker’s at Gradstar. We will acquaint you with the major differences so the transitions become smooth.

For instance, here are the top 3 challenges (with solutions) that you might face as an international student:

  • Problem: Sorting finances
    Solution: Fix a budget, get a part-time job, and find a scholarship
  • Problem: Language barrier
    Solution: Strengthen your English (if not native), learn the local language, watch English movies and hang out with local students
  • Problem: Homesickness
    Solution: Follow a routine, talk to your loved ones, be social, and take your time

Overseas student experts will give you a better overview of the challenges faced in specific countries and your desired universities, plus provide practical solutions to overcome them.

4. What is the accommodation situation for international students abroad?

Your life abroad can be more fun if you have a comfortable space to come to after a day-long international student adventure. Now your housing as an international student depends on your university and your chosen country.

Some universities have a mandatory hostel living policy, while others let their students live off-campus.

For cultural acquaintance and independence, you might opt for residential apartments, halls, or homestays.

To make a wise choice, discuss the housing options available for your university with your Dream Maker. They may also prepare a list of the best and budget-friendly accommodation options based on your requirements close to your university.

Make sure they consider the following pointers while curating the list:

  • Budget
  • Cost of utilities
  • Location (accessible from the university)

At Gradstar, we are here to take the lead in negotiating rental agreements, finding suitable budget accommodation, and arranging airport pickup to make you feel at home!

5. Is it expensive to study abroad?

Do you believe studying abroad will cost you a fortune? Well, it doesn’t have to be so bad if you plan it well and apply for the right study abroad scholarships and student loans in time.

Your Dream Maker can help you with the most suitable loan/scholarship/financial aid based on your requirement, the application process, and how you can apply.

The cost of studying abroad can vary depending upon some important factors like:

  • Chosen destination’s cost of living
  • Program duration
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Personal expenses
  • Tuition fee
  • Additional cost for emergencies

Your path will be guided by all of these indicators in terms of what is achievable. This will help you gain clarity and enable you to discuss next steps and your University options.

Don’t forget to ask for strategies to reduce expenses while studying abroad.

The easier way out is to sit back and relax while your genie, Dream Maker, study abroad expert, sorts out your finance and foreign exchange (with zero hidden charges).

Wrapping Up

Taking the leap of faith and the big step of moving abroad to study can seem scary and complex. To make this journey exciting, rely on the finest and most trusted study abroad experts at Gradstar, who’ll also help you save time and money. We will walk you through the journey and handhold you through the rough roads, keeping you stress-free.

Our roster of education services includes counselling for university and course selection, visa application assistance, English language proficiency test preparation, and housing support. So, what’s the wait for, book an appointment today!