Affordable Australian cities for International students

Do you want to study in Australia but firmly believe it is too costly, considering the high living standards? Well, allow us to myth bust because there are multiple Australian cities where international students can lead decent lives even with tight budgets. For your convenience, we have curated a list of affordable Australian cities you can move to study and have the dreamiest university life.

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1. Gold Coast

Do you dream of having the most happening university life in Australia? If yes, a destination with gorgeous beaches, a natural environment, and world-class educational institutions, a destination like the Gold Coast, can best realize your dream to study abroad in Australia.

  • Low accommodation rates–Sharehouse for $160-$250/week, managed student accommodation for $200-$500/week, and room in a residential college for $450-$550/week.
  • Cheap living cost–rent, school fees, and general living expenses like health cover approximately sum up to $199-$270

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  • Decent dinner dine-out costs around $15, and average grocery prices
  • Students on student visas easily earn a minimum average pay of $23.23 per hour so meeting expenses becomes easier
  • Well-connected public transportation with a cost-effective Go Explore Card facility–unlimited daily travel on trams/trains/buses at $10/day

Fun Fact: Gold Coast experiences around 300 days of sunshine every year as is one of the leading tourist attractions in Australia.

2. Adelaide

To live and study in a city known for its richly diverse culture and intriguing architecture, encircled by numerous parks, is a wise choice. It imparts top-notch education (postgraduate or under-graduate courses in Australia) too, which is a dream come true for an excited international student like you.

  • Low cost of utilities of around $45-50 per week
  • Homestay accommodation for $190-$200 a week and on-site university townhouse $285
  • Grocery costs around $60 per week
  • Affordable public transportation of $15 per week
  • Phone and internet charges for a working phone in Australia hover around $25 per week
  • Entertainment within budget at $80 per week

Fun Fact: Adelaide is a 20-minute city which means every spot is 20 minutes away from the city center (yes, beaches too!).

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3. Hobart

Hobart is a good option if you seek a city with high quality study and research opportunities to study in Australia. Apart from being affordable and safe, Hobart is brimming with lavender fields, art galleries, strawberry fields, and wineries.

  • Vast range of accommodation–shared room for $238/week and serviced apartment for $229/week
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  • Transportation at $15-$30/week, fitting every budget
  • Food cost per week is $80-$200/week
  • Facilities like electricity and gas cost you around $40-$60/week
  • Internet or phone plans costs around $20-$55/week

Fun Fact: Hobart is the largest city and the capital of Australia’s smallest state.

4. Brisbane

Moving to an inclusive city to study abroad in Australia, like Brisbane, that’d make you feel at home even as an international student is a wise choice. Right? From cycling at South Bank Parklands to paddle boarding through the Brisbane River, this city offers adventurous yet affordable university life options.

  • Minimal cost of utilities, including internet for $60-$80/month, electricity for $140-$150/month, and gas for $90/month
  • Average per-person grocery spend is $90-$135 a week
  • Cost of a shared rental home starts from $250/week, and university accommodation is $400-$645 per week
  • Public transport is student budget-friendly with Translink using Go cards (cuts 50% of travel cost)
  • Fashion shopping is quite cheap in Australia; for instance, $180 for a set of jeans and top

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Fun Fact: There’s an artificial beach in Brisbane’s city center with lifeguards and ice cream!

5. Darwin

Want to secure your future with a job right after course completion? And mind you, there are plenty of work opportunities for international students in Australia. If yes, choosing a city with the highest employment rate in Australia is your way to go. You can expect the best tropical climate and infectious youthful energy in Darwin.

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  • Housing expenses for 3 bedrooms or a shared apartment in this city is around $130 per week.
  • Groceries are just $70 per week.
  • Basic utilities are available for $32 per week.
  • You can easily commute at $14 per week.
  • Leisure around the city at $48 per week.

Fun Fact: Darwin is the youngest capital city of Australia.

Wrapping Up

Moving to an Australian city to live and study is tricky. And choosing the best one, selecting the right course, and doing the backend work is an even bigger hassle.

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Date Published: Sep-05-2023

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