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All about level 1 universities in Australia

  • Gradstar
  • September 9, 2023
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Do you want to make the best of your journey of studying abroad in Australia to secure your future? Then we recommend thinking about a level 1 university in Australia as it gives you access to the highest quality of education, makes you job-ready, and opens the gateway to job opportunities. Today, we’ll discuss the 5 most sought-after level 1 universities to study in Australia in detail. 


And if the process seems daunting stress. We, at Gradstar, are here to ease your study abroad journey–help you apply to the best universities and seamlessly fulfill entry requirements. Not just that, we handhold you through the bumpy roads post-application too! 

What are level 1 universities in Australia?

Australia’s level 1 universities are the country’s top universities. All level 1 universities hold recognition in terms of academics, infrastructure, research, employability, and many other important factors.


Why apply to level 1 universities?

Level 1 universities in Australia expose you to life-changing opportunities. Here are some reasons why you must enrol in an undergraduate course in an Australia level 1 university – 


  1. Access to top-notch, research and application-centric education with advanced curriculum/course structure including current industry, employer, and market trends.
  2. Higher chances of employment given a proven record of instilling employability in graduates. 
  3. Chance to explore unique course options, including short and skill-based courses.
  4. Enjoy decently high visa success rates, fine-quality education, and worldwide recognition. 
  5. Opportunity to learn from the leading and globally recognized faculty. 
  6. Opens gateways to high-quality research opportunities.

Discover the tips to secure your admission to a top-ranked university in Australia!

List of Level 1 Universities in Australia 

Here’s a list of level 1 universities in Australia with their USP, eligibility, fees and scholarship info, and application process. Let’s dive right in –

1. Monash University

QS World University Ranking

#42 Global Ranking

#1 Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Material Sciences, and Economics & Econometrics

Why Monash?

  1. Vibrantly multicultural community of students from 170 countries.
  2. Flexible study options–specialist courses and 60+ double degrees across 10 interest areas
  3. Industry-integrated learning


  1. 17 years of age for enrolment
  2. Meet the academic, prerequisite, and additional requirements specific to your course
  3. Fulfill the English proficiency requirements
  4. Clear Monash’s Genuine Temporary Entrant check

Fees and Scholarships

Find your course-specific fees and relevant scholarships on the course page database.

2. Macquarie University

QS World University Ranking

Top 1% of universities in the world

#8 in Australia for employment outcomes

Why Macquarie?

  1. Leading performing university in research in Australia
  2. Remarkable university campus
  3. 3 subjects globally rank among the top 50, and 7 among the top 100


One or more:

  1. High school qualification
  2. Recognized university foundation course
  3. Recognized 2-3 year diploma, advanced diploma, or associate degree
  4. One-year recognized university degree 

Fees and Scholarships

  1. Your course fee will depend on your calendar year of study, the number of units to enrol, and government funding. Find your specific course fees here.
  2. $6 million in scholarships is provided to 750+ students annually. Find the available scholarship options here.

3. University of Wollongong

QS World University Ranking

Top 1% of universities in the world

Why Wollongong?

  1. Prepares you to face the real world with practical, industry-based education 
  2. 14th best modern university in the world
  3. Globally 5-star rated university


  1. Each UOW program has a unique set of requirements. Find your course and relevant requirements here.
  2. Satisfy the English language requirements–TOEFL/Pearsons/Cambridge/OET/IELTS or a previous English study result.

Fees and Scholarships

  1. The payable fees vary with your course. Feel free to check out the exact fee of your course.
  2. Wollongong offers various scholarships based on your study area, amount, and course type. Learn more about international student scholarships.

4. RMIT University 

QS World University Ranking

Top 150 universities worldwide


  1. Award-winning campus building and technologically advanced facilities in the world
  2. Globally popular university for technology, enterprise, and design
  3. Teaching, research, and engagement are fundamental to RMIT


  1. Mandatory to meet the minimum age, academic, and English language requirements
  2. Fulfill the program-specific entry requirements.
  3. Complete the selection tasks, including portfolio submission, form/pre-selection kit filling, and attending an interview.

Fees and Scholarships

  1. The tuition fee for each program is listed under the fees section of each program. Find the exact fee here!
  2. RMIT offers scholarships.

How to apply?

The application method depends on your desired RMIT course and your study background.


5. Deakin University

QS World University Ranking

Top 1% in the world in Accounting and Finance and Business and Management

#3 in Medicine, #7 in Sports, and top 3 in Law 

Why Deakin?

  1. Deakin’s programs are personal, engaging, future jobs-based, and skills-centric
  2. Connected, safe, and respectful environment where diversity is celebrated, and differences embraced
  3. Progressive, real-world learning that drives success


  1. Every undergraduate course in Australia at Deakin has different requirements based on previous secondary school results; download Undergraduate course academic requirements for more info.
  2. Meet the relevant English requirement.
  3. Provide valid student visa

Fees and Scholarships

  1. Your course fee depends on your course and the starting year. Use the fee estimator tool to get the exact course fee.
  2. Deakin offers a plethora of scholarships for international students; find yours now!


Wrapping Up

Level 1 universities in Australia experience a huge influx of applications each year, levelling up the competition. To increase your chances of admission, you must meet all the entry requirements, carefully fill in the details on your application form, provide all the relevant documents, and explore your financing options in advance. 

As this is an extensive process, it’s normal to get overwhelmed. But you aren’t alone. Our best study abroad experts at Gradstar Global Education help you find your course and university based on your preferences, budget, and academic background while ensuring you meet all the requirements, increasing your chances of admission. 

Our services also extend to fulfilling your visa requirements, getting your accommodation sorted, and providing health cover & pre-departure support. So, take the first step toward your dream and book a one-on-one session today!