Benefits of being a Gradstar student

Do you believe in fulfilling your dreams? So do we! Yes! We are your Dream Makers and our job is to give your dream wings so that you can explore the sky of opportunities that awaits you.

Gradstar is an empowering platform where we support, assist, guide, and prepare study abroad aspirants for the best international experience of their lives. Being a Gradstar student gives you an array of benefits. With the expertise of the university trained Gradstar team, you will get the best possible advice to ensure your dreams of studying abroad turns into a reality. To find out more details on the Gradstar difference keep reading.

Expert advice

We are a devoted team of experienced industry professionals that understand the needs of students and our sole purpose is to guide you on what your most suitable study abroad options are. We want our students to reach for the stars and achieve their goals. Our university trained experts understand the uniqueness of each aspirant and give personalised, tailored advice for you to succeed. Our Dream Makers are expert listeners, educators, study abroad consultants, course advisors, strategists and student supporters, all in one.

Co design model for each student

Our Dream Makers first understand your interests and guide you on the course options that best suit your requirements. While counselling, we keep in mind that every student has a unique background. Our Dream Makers give you honest and genuine advice to match your expectations and skillset. We co design your outcome with you to empower you to start your study abroad journey, providing the support you need every step of the way.

Complete visa assistance

Every country has different rules and regulations. Gradstar students get assistance in completing all of the documentation with accuracy and precision. Our in-house experts give you the most up-to-date advice on visa options and applications that increase your chances of admission and visa success. We will guide you through every step of the way. We will lift the burden off your shoulders, and ensure all the documents are in order before you apply for your student visa

Scholarship support

Gradstar students are guided about the type of scholarships that they are eligible for. We assist our students in getting exclusive study abroad scholarships and financial aid. We support our students to prepare scholarship applications where they meet the criteria. Our Dream Makers support our students to write the required statement of purpose (SOP) or personal statements for their application.

Updated information

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, it is critical to keep updated with the current affairs at your destination of choice. Gradstar students always get up to date and relevant information about their application process or any change in the economy or environment. Our team provides you with information regarding your program, subject choices and any other course-related information.


You deserve to know who we are and what we can do for you. Strong bonds are only maintained when there is transparency in relationships. The foundations of our relationship with our study abroad services is built on trust, accuracy and honesty – every step of the way. We offer our students lifelong support and will not leave you with an inch of doubt about any part of the process.

Helping hand

Your dreams are our dreams. A Gradstar student is supported throughout the entire study abroad process, starting with application support, visas, travel and accommodation. We support you with all the information you need to prepare for your international student experience We are there, as a guide, counsellor, friend and your personal cheer squad throughout the journey. We will stay in touch with you even after you have reached your destination. Because dreams deserve a helping hand.

The Gradstar network

What happens when you are successful in attaining admission to the foreign university of your dreams? That’s when we kick into the next phase of the process. When you accept an offer to study at an international university, you will join an exclusive group of Gradstar students. You can gain access to private social platforms for socialising and networking. You will be updated about the special offers you can take advantage of before and while studying abroad. You will get to know about the personal development opportunities to help you prepare for living overseas.

Share and sync your university application documents with us via a secure cloud platform, so you can apply to multiple universities easily. You can track the progress of your applications and stay updated.

Constant support system

As a Gradstar student you are supported at every step of the way. Our experts are available for online as well as face to face interactions. You can reach us for support through your preferred communication medium. Ask us any questions you have on your mind so you are well prepared for what’s ahead.

If you want the support of a Dream Maker and immediate access to the Gradstar family contact us today and enjoy the benefits that our students avail. Because dreams deserve a helping hand.

Date Published: Dec-15-2022

Our Dream Makers are expert listeners, educators, career consultants and student supporters. They co-design your study abroad experience with you to empower you to reach for the stars. Because dreams deserve a helping hand.

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