How does Gradstar help students achieve their study abroad dreams?

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  • September 3, 2023
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Imagine meeting the admission requirements, securing your place at your dream university, and flying to a new country. That’s the study abroad dream, right? Well, our best study abroad experts—at Gradstar Global Education are called Dream Makers for a reason and they are here to help you achieve your dreams with minimal stress and a helping hand.

Let’s get rolling to understand how we, at Gradstar, help aspiring international students like you realize your study-abroad dreams and about our different approach.

1. Co design your study abroad dream

Are you seeking a study abroad path tailored to your personal dreams and experiences and require guidance and support to make it happen? At Gradstar, we don’t use algorithms or standardized plans. Unlike other study abroad consultants, we don’t treat students like numbers but with the highest level of care and attention that you deserve for this life changing decision. We enable you with a personalized plan based on your academic profile, career aspirations, eligibility, budget, preferences and dreams.

On top of that, we don’t leave you behind—it’s a co design experience so we ensure your study abroad journey is as fulfilling as you imagine. Your success is our success!

2. Our expertise and experience

We understand that paving your study abroad path is challenging, especially for school pass-outs or fresh graduates. To ease the uncertainty, we, at Gradstar are powered by:

1. Our CEO, Alison Jenkins, who brings decades of experience to the table — leading international student admissions teams at the world’s top universities.

2. Our Dream Makers who have 18+ years of experience to make your study journey stress free and rewarding.

Also, we can vouch for our finest study abroad experts to be better than any other study abroad consultant. Why? Because they are not just study abroad advisors but also careful listeners, experienced educators, robust course and university advisors, and empathetic student supporters who personally handhold you through the journey. Don’t just believe us – check out our Google reviews!

3. End-to-end assistance

At Gradstar Global Education, we support you from beginning to end on your study abroad mission. We are available 24/7 via your preferred medium to clear your doubts. Don’t consider us as a service provider but as your number one fan, guide, counsellor and friend. Oh, and we missed mentioning that we’ll be your loudest cheerleader throughout your journey and beyond!

Here’s what your journey as a Gradstar student will look like:

1. Get in touch with our finest study abroad experts and a Dream Maker will be assigned to co-design your study abroad experience.

2. Discuss with your Dream Maker about:

  • Destinations based on your preferences and budget.
  • Top universities based on field of study, career goals, and budget.
  • Exclusive scholarships and financial aid options. We also help you prepare scholarship applications and meet the criteria.

Note: With us, you can access up-to-date information about university rankings, reputation, and accreditation for a more informed decision about your future options.

3. Fill out and submit your application process with complete assistance from our experts to write SOP and personal statements.

4. Receive offers from universities.

5. Complete your visa process after exploring visa options and visa application requirements with our visa experts to enhance the chances of your visa success.

6. Decide upon your accommodation and plan your travel with us in the best and most affordable way.

7. Receive holistic pre-departure support–orientation workshops and networking with other Gradstar students, so you’re well prepared for your new life abroad. (Discover Gradstar’s ultimate pre-departure primer)

4. High transparency about services and fees

We, at Gradstar, highly value your time and understand that this is a significant investment in your future. And so, our approach is always transparent and straightforward—no hidden charges or service deviations. Also, we’ll inform you about the extent of services you can expect from us, the exact fees you’d be required to pay, and policies, including our terms and conditions, so there’s no confusion or surprises afterwards.

5. Useful Gradstar perks

Unlike other study abroad consultants, our study abroad experts do not forget about you when your admission process is complete. Rather, you are now part of the Gradstar family and stay by your side to support you with your new life abroad.

For that, we offer access to a few perks unique to us:

1. Gradstar students to ask your personal questions to and get a glimpse of studying and living abroad

2. Private social platforms to network and socialize with other Gradstar students

3. Updates on special offers to avail of before and while studying abroad

4. Holistic personal development opportunities to prepare for life overseas

5. Secure cloud platform to share and sync your university application documents with us and to stay updated by tracking application progress.

6. Accelerated chances of admission

We understand the fear and anxiety of the admissions process but don’t worry; we got you. At Gradstar Global Education, have partnered with the most sought-after universities in the world and are well-versed in their entry requirements and process. So, we can easily help you understand and meet the requirements.

Also, the experience of placing Gradstar students in our partner universities has made us all the more empowered to successfully secure your admission.

7. English language test preparation

Are you planning to study in an English-language-speaking country and need to be confident in English to clear your visa and academic requirements? Well, that can seem overwhelming for many students for whom English is not their first language.

If you resonate with this situation, we at Gradstar Global Education can make you an English pro with our English test preparation services for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and SAT.

The best part? We do not apply the same preparation strategy to all our students; we adopt a personalized approach based on your ability and knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Our best study abroad experts or Dream Makers can help you realize your study abroad dream with their experience, knowledge, and skills. So, don’t wait any further to take the first step toward your study abroad dreams! Book your one-on-one appointment today. Because dreams deserve a helping hand!