How LinkedIn maximizes study abroad success for International students?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest employment focused platform to build your professional brand, connect with alumni of your chosen university or professionals in your preferred industry, and gain quick updates on internships opportunities, job openings and professional development opportunities.

LinkedIn has become a non-negotiable for all professionals wanting to build and maintain their network. Stay with us as we further unfold how LinkedIn can maximize your study abroad success.

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1. Networking

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform to establish connections and network with people of similar interests or industries. In fact, 80% of professionals believe that networking is pivotal to having a successful career. Here’s how to utilize LinkedIn as an aspiring or existing international student –

Connect with your desired university or program alumni and receive the best advice/ insights on the application process, job opportunities, courses, and more.
Participate in groups and communities of your preferred academic fields and study abroad experiences to interact with like-minded people and gain knowledge.
Discover and register for global city or university events/workshops/seminars to best connect with locals and international students and adapt to the culture.

2. Learn and upskill

LinkedIn offers courses in various subjects and languages to develop or sharpen skills that are in high demand. On completion, you get badges and certificates to proudly showcase on your profile and attract recruiters and universities.

You can also gauge local industry trends, cultural expectations, and job search strategies on LinkedIn so you have an edge over fellow students. Not to forget the LinkedIn Learning courses that help you work on time management, communication skills, leadership ability, and teamwork—non-negotiables for an international student.

3. Personal brand

A strong personal brand on LinkedIn can help you showcase your interests/experience/skills/aspirations and present yourself as an enthusiast in your preferred niche. In fact, 70% of hiring managers prefer a strong personal brand to a strong resume. This can be a game-changer in getting noticed by future employers. You can utilize this when filling out applications for your chosen universities to highlight your academic and overall competitiveness over other aspirants. The admissions team would look more favorably at you if the brand you are projecting is aligned with their core values.

A developed personal brand will even help you find relevant job and career advancement opportunities as an international student. While building a personal brand, share read-worthy articles and useful insights in your niche to attract universities, fellow international students, mentors, and other valuable connections.

4. Digital mentors

On LinkedIn, you can follow people who are experts in the field that you want to get into and learn from their updates and insights. By following experts in your fields of interests it allows you to stay current and even interact with them by commenting on their posts.

Here are some benefits of digital mentors:

Learn from their expertise and experience to improve your application, personal statement, resume, and LOR and become a more knowledgeable university candidate.
Gain insights to select the most suitable university or program considering your career goals.
Learn about the latest updates in your field and connect with like minded people.

5. Interview preparation

LinkedIn is an unmissable platform for international students who want to ace their study abroad admission interviews via the right connection, guidance, and resources. You can reach out to alumni of your desired university or course and dive into the insights, hacks, and experiences to better present yourself at interviews. Also, following the university’s LinkedIn page, you can access their exclusive interview-related resources and understand about their culture and community.

The best part? On LinkedIn, you can participate in mock interviews conducted by professionals to boost your confidence. Being confident at your interview helps you give clear answers and represent yourself as the best choice for the admission officer of the university.

6. Recommendations and endorsements

When professionals, students, or professors recommend or endorse your skills, character, or work ethic, you gain an edge over fellow study-abroad students. LinkedIn helps you do exactly that. This can enhance your credibility, boosting your chances of winning a seat at your desired university or a position at your preferred organization.

On this platform, you can ask your connections to recommend you for specific skills or expertise so your admission or job application is stronger.

7. Internship and job search

Do you want to access the global job market and find the perfect opportunity that can be a shining star on your resume? LinkedIn is your one-stop solution.

Go beyond theories and gain practical experience by finding internships and part-time jobs in your host country. (Discover the 5 best side hustles for international students.)
Follow your dream company on LinkedIn to act promptly on job/internship openings and understand the company culture.
LinkedIn has a feature to set up job alerts as per the custom criteria that notify you of job openings and internship opportunities.

This will help you reduce efforts of always staying on your toes searching for opportunities or losing them to fellow international students. LinkedIn facilitates employer research and gives insights into company values, mission, and employee experience. This ensures the company suits you and you don’t waste time focusing on the wrong thing.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn can help you connect with professionals and alumni of your university, industry, or program and learn from their study abroad and industry expertise. Moreover, a strong LinkedIn profile helps you prove your interest, skills, and experience to your admission officers and recruiters. On LinkedIn, you can also find the latest updates about institutions, courses, and jobs.

While LinkedIn is an excellent tool, you still need dedicated study-abroad experts to help you select the best-suited university, course, and country based on your preferences, qualifications, and interests. At Gradstar Global Education, we go a step further and sort your health coverage, foreign exchange and financing, English language preparation, accommodation, visa and travel, and pre-departure. We can even give you LinkedIn tips! Interested in leveraging our services? Book a one-to-one appointment today!

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Date Published: Oct-05-2023

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