MBA in Australia for Indian students: A complete guide

Do you want to accelerate your management skills to help you bag your dream job? Then, there’s nothing better than pursuing an MBA from an Australian university. That’s why we have brought you this in-depth guide on MBA study in Australia for Indian students.

Does the thought of completing the admission process, fulfilling eligibility, sorting finances, and choosing an MBA specialisation alone scare you because there are so many options? Don’t worry; our finest study abroad experts at Gradstar are here to accompany you throughout the study abroad process!

Why should you study an MBA in Australia?

Studying in Australia can make your university dreams come to life. Why? There are many reasons why Australia is a top choice destination including the pristine cities and countryside, vibrant nightlife, fun lifestyle, and heartwarmingly welcoming culture make it the preferred choice for international students. But that’s definitely not all. Here are the core reasons why our student choose to study in Australia:

1. Broad range of specialisations

On top of the mainstream specialisations, Australian universities offer MBAs with unique specialisations that are a tad bit different from other countries’ MBAs. For instance, Deakin University, Australia, offers an MBA in Digital Transformation and an MBA in Marketing Technology; unique, right?

2. Exemplary education system

Australian universities follow a unique and modern education system for management degrees–the Harvard Style. This system offers an MBA for around 16 full-time business subjects.

3. Top-notch education

Australian universities are known for their high-quality education. The core elements of top-notch education are–internationally recognised orientation terms and up-to-date curriculum based on the new industry standards.

4. Holistic development

Studying MBA in Australia acquaints you with management theories and teaches you the practical application of concepts. You can also expect to enhance your communication, personal, and leadership skills. This will transform you into a more independent and confident individual.

Top MBA courses in Australia

MBA degrees at Australian universities focus on equipping you with management and leadership skills, taught by leading academics in their field. The curriculum is designed to teach you about management theories as well as help you understand how to apply them in the real-world.

It’s recommended you choose an MBA course in an area that interests you most and aligns with your career goals. If you’re confused about the course that’d maximise your career prospects, rely on our best study abroad experts at Gradstar. We help you co design your future and select a suitable course based on your academic background and interests.

Here are some of the specialisations of an MBA program in Australia –

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • Business strategy
  • Accounting
  • Leadership practice and development
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Business
  • Healthcare management
  • Technology management
  • Information technology

Admission requirements for MBA in Australia

To pursue an MBA in Australia, you must meet the entry requirements of the program. The selection, in general, is based on your academic background, work experience, availability of seat, participation requirements, individual circumstances, and regulatory requirements.

However, the major requirements to study an MBA in Australia.

  • Academic transcripts–10th and 12th
  • Pass certificate of bachelor’s degree or higher in any subject/discipline from a recognised university with a minimum score of 65% or above (varies with university)
  • Full-time work experience in managerial or professional niches (varies with university)
  • Overall minimum score in IELTS of 6.5 or above
  • Overall minimum score in TOEFL of 79+
  • Overall minimum score PTE of 42 or above
  • Overall minimum score GMAT of 550 or above
  • Some other evidence proving your English language proficiency
  • SOP – Statement of purpose
  • LOR – Letter of Recommendation
  • CV
  • Financial proof documents

These were the major entry requirements; different universities might have some additional requirements. Fulfilling all of the requirements can cause confusion and lead to application errors. Access the skills and experience of our best study abroad experts at Gradstar to fulfill the admission requirements seamlessly.

Cost and scholarship to study an MBA in Australia

When planning to pursue an MBA in Australia as an Indian student, the first thing that strikes your mind is its cost and fees. So, the tuition fees for an MBA in Australia vary with your chosen university, MBA course, course duration, and approved credit for prior learning or work experience.

On average, the tuition fee at decent Australian universities ranges from $27,000 to $43,000. To give you an idea, here’s the MBA fee structure at some popular Australian universities –

    1. Deakin University: $32,800

    2. Griffith University: $43,500

    3. Macquarie University: AUD 42,000

The fees might seem high, but most universities have scholarships available to support you during your studies. Here are some scholarships that leading Australian universities provide to international students –

1. Griffith University

  • Griffith Remarkable Scholarship – 50% tuition fee reduction
  • Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship (2024) – 50% tuition fee reduction
  • International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship – 25% tuition fee reduction

2. RMIT University

  • Australia Awards Scholarships support study or research at RMIT
  • RMIT funded Scholarships fund all kinds of study costs–fees, accommodation, living
  • External Scholarships (Sponsorship) finances study at RMIT

3. Macquarie University

  • India $10,000 Early Acceptance Scholarship – AUD 10,000/year for standard course duration
  • Macquarie University $5,000 Regional Scholarship – AUD 5,000/year for standard course duration
  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship – Upto AUD 10,000 for a one-off award

If the MBA you desire doesn’t fit your budget, don’t be disheartened, you may find a suitable university only by extensive research or by turning to our top study abroad experts at Gradstar to understand your options.

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Career prospects after an MBA from Australia

Are you eager to know about work opportunities after pursuing an MBA from Australia? Every international student would!

Your career prospects open up after completing an Australian MBA, and the salary band is quite stretched because of the emerging startups, well-established companies, and SMEs looking to hire talent. In fact, you can expect to earn an average starting salary between AU$85,000- 105k/ depending on your specialisation after pursuing an MBA from Australia.

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Some roles that are widely and happily offered to MBA graduates are:

  • Management consultancy
  • Marketing Manager
  • Organisational strategy
  • Operations management
  • International business development and coordination
  • Innovation champions
  • Financial planning
  • Human resource management

Sought-after MBA Universities in Australia

The MBA you study and specialisation you choose defines the scope of your knowledge and your job opportunities. So, choose your university wisely. Our best study abroad experts at Gradstar Global Education help you select the best university to pursue an MBA based on your preferences and eligibility.

Here are some of the top universities to study an MBA in Australia –

    1. Deakin University
    2. Griffith University
    3. Macquarie University
    4. RMIT University
    5. University of Wollongong
    6. Monash University

Fulfill your Australian MBA Dream

Studying abroad in Australia (MBA) allows you to unleash and capitalise on your management and leadership skills by offering you practical learning, lucrative networking opportunities, and a way to career advancement. However, pursuing an MBA is fruitful only if you do it in your area of interest.

The first step towards living your study abroad in Australia dream is choosing a university with entry requirements in sync with your academic background. Oh, and the one that fits your study abroad budget too! Does that sound overwhelming to you?

If yes, we at Gradstar are here to calm and handhold you throughout your study abroad journey. From helping you select a university based on your preferences and choose your specialisations to sorting your finances and ensuring you meet all the requirements, to ensuring you get your visa on time. Gradstar does it all. Our free services include visa, accommodation, health, and pre-departure support, too! Without any further ado, book a private session today!

Date Published: Oct-02-2023

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