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  • February 21, 2024
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Are you a high school graduate dreaming of pursuing a bachelor’s degree abroad? The UK immediately jumps to mind if you are planning to study abroad after 12th with scholarship. The country sees record numbers of international students every year thanks to its incredible higher education standards. And with the right scholarships, your academic goals are now more accessible than ever.

UK universities offer diverse and generous scholarship options you can consider to kickstart your undergraduate journey. Below, we take a look at the types of options you may consider to study abroad with a scholarship for your bachelor’s degree!

Why Choose the UK for Your Higher Education Journey?

The UK has global recognition for its world-class education system. It boasts an impressive catalogue of world-ranking universities, including the QS’ #2 and #3 global best – the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

These universities offer cutting-edge facilities, expert faculty, and diverse academic programs. There’s a perfect fit waiting for you in the UK among the variety of options available. Your passion might lie in business, engineering, humanities, sciences, or the arts. No matter how broad or specialist your interest is, you will find a program for it in the UK.

Alongside your academic opportunities, you will find studying in the UK transformative for you personally and professionally too. Thanks to the UK’s multicultural university campuses, you can meet people from around the world. You also get to access work experience in a global leader of business and industry through internships or part-time student options.

Scholarships Available in the UK

One of the biggest concerns of students hoping to study in the UK is finances. Studying overseas does not come cheap, especially with international student fees set higher than domestic fees. Plus, you have to think about additional expenses like accommodation, transport, groceries, and so on.

Luckily, many UK universities meet you halfway when it comes to the financial aspect of a higher education degree. There are several routes to study dabroad after 12th with scholarship, with universities themselves being the biggest scholarship providers. We are going to explore some of the scholarships available to you as a prospective undergraduate student in the UK below.

General Scholarships

The size of a university’s faculty and student body are among the criteria determining its international outlook, reputation, and standards of excellence. The domestic-to-international ratios of these categories also add weight to the university’s standing. This is just one of the reasons universities are keen to diversify their campuses. Many UK universities have a long history of hosting international students, and take pride in their multicultural campuses.

To encourage this internationalization, scholarships are one of the ways universities incentivize international students to enroll! Here’s a small taste of the kinds of options you can consider:

Scholarship Name University Category
Global Excellence Scholarship University of Portsmouth Merit
International Ambassador Scholarships University of West London Entrance
Chancellor's International Scholarship University of Sussex Entrance
Coventry University Scholarship Coventry University Merit
Westminster Full International Scholarship University of Westminster Merit
International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship University of Sheffield Merit
Edinburgh Global Scholarships University of Edinburgh Entrance
Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship University of Exeter Merit
University of Lincoln Scholarships University of Lincoln Entrance

Scholarships by Subject

General awards are not your only option if you want to study abroad after 12th with scholarship. Subject-specific scholarships are a great option for international students like you. The university’s faculties and departments may reserve specific scholarships for students enrolling in their programs. Below is a small round-up of some subject-specific scholarships on offer by UK universities at the undergraduate level:

University Subject Scholarship
University of Birmingham Law LLB and LLB for Grads International Student Scholarship
University of Bristol Economics Think Big About Economics Undergraduate Scholarship
University of Sheffield Engineering Engineering Excellence Scholarships
University of Surrey English Literature English Literature Undergraduate Scholarship
University of Nottingham Science Faculty of Science Scholarships and Bursaries

Country-Specific Scholarships in the UK

UK universities may award options to specific sociodemographic groups. As an Indian student planning to study abroad after 12th with scholarship, you can explore country-specific awards too! These can be on the basis of citizenship, gender identity, income group, etc. Here are a few of the options UK universities reserve for Indian students hoping to study abroad at the undergraduate level.

Scholarship Offered by
UEA India Undergraduate Scholarship University of East Anglia
Bicentenary Global Futures Scholarships University of Manchester
India Regional Office Scholarship Bath Spa University
International Scholarships – April 2024 Aston University
University of Birmingham India Outstanding Achievement Scholarships University of Birmingham
Cardiff India Scholarships Cardiff University
UCL India Excellence Scholarships University College London

Some Important Tips to Study Abroad After 12th with Scholarship

Scoring a scholarship is a goal for many students hoping to study abroad. This is all the more reason to take charge of your search for funding opportunities. With the right strategies and tips, you can stand out among the competition. Here are some of our tips to boost your chances at getting a scholarship to study abroad in the UK.

Understand the Eligibility Criteria

UK universities offer a variety of scholarships, from generous full or partial awards to smaller grants and bursaries. To boost your shot at success, make sure you meet the minimum requirements to qualify for these awards.

For example, some scholarships consider you as a candidate as soon as you submit an application. For others, you need to meet criteria like a minimum GPA or IELTS scores. Some scholarships may require separate applications with their own set of document requirements and deadlines. Certain scholarships may require a personal statement or other write-up as part of the qualification process.

Read the fine print for the scholarships you are considering. You can save yourself time and prime your efforts for success by focusing on scholarships you have the best chances of securing.

Get Specific with Your Scholarship Search

Many universities offer a whole list of scholarship opportunities beyond their biggest flagship awards. General awards will typically apply to all incoming students, such as global excellence awards and entrance scholarships. You can also consider the specific scholarships your faculty, department, or program offers too! Other scholarship options can include awards universities set aside for specific sociodemographic students, including citizens from specific parts of the world.

Don’t Limit Your Search to the Biggest Awards

Scoring the university’s biggest scholarship program is the ideal outcome for all students. And because so many students are in the running for them, the competition will be quite steep. By including smaller awards, including subject-specific awards and options for particular sociodemographic groups in your search, you widen your net for scholarship opportunities.

Start Your Preparations Early

As generous as universities can be with their scholarship offerings, there are limits to available funds. To get ahead of the competition, start your scholarship search early. Ideally, you should be exploring your funding opportunities in tandem with the programs you want to apply to. You can start your program search through UCAS, the UK’s study abroad platform for undergraduate applications. Scholarship availability can guide your search, too.

Rounding Up

If you are keen to study abroad after 12th with scholarship, we hope that this blog is a great place to kickstart your search. In the UK, universities themselves are the major providers of scholarships to undergraduate students. By understanding exactly what you are looking for, and having a strategy for your scholarship searches and applications, you can boost your chances of success!