Top destinations for your long summer break in Australia

Summer break is a time for exploration, especially if you are an international student studying abroad in the beautiful continent of Australia. From refreshing beaches to majestic mountains, Australia offers a wide range of destinations and activities you could treat yourself to. Here are the top 10 destinations in Australia to make the most of your summer break.

Hike the breath-taking trails of Tasmania

A hiking trip to Tasmania should be on the list for anybody who wants to reconnect with nature. These trails are the perfect blend of recreation and culture. With over 800 different walks to choose from, you can plan the one that looks the most fun like the Three Capes Track or the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk. Get ready for some mystifying views, beaches, fields, and much more!

Visit the mesmerizing waters of Jervis Bay

Find heaven on Earth at the magical Jervis Bay, where you can enjoy its famous white sand beaches and awe-inspiring waters teeming with marine life. A visit to the marine park, which is home to bottlenose dolphins, seals, penguins, sea birds, and even whales, will be the perfect change of pace from your normal university hustle. This location in New South Bay is also widely known for the bioluminescent planktons that cause the water to glow in the dark.

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

Get a closer look at the grand marine life of Australia by snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. Both experienced and novice divers get a chance to explore the largest reefs in the world right here. You can go for a swim, a snorkeling session, or a dive down to the depths of the reef.

Drive down the Great Ocean Road

If high-intensity activities don’t appeal to you, then a road trip down the Great Ocean Road is just the thing to go for. Known to be one of the most scenic drives, you could take part in the three-day journey from surf capital Torquay to the famous 12 Apostles, ending at the historic fishing village of Port Fairy. So grab some friends and get your driving playlist on for this epic adventure!

Explore the dunes on Fraser Island

A visit to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, brings you more surprises than you would imagine. The landscape has an array of natural sights like majestic dunes, extraordinary rainforests, as well as marvelous viewpoints. You can go on a thrilling sand cruise in a 4X4 or board down your own little trails. The adventure never stops here!

Take a breather at Wine Town

A short trip from the city of Adelaide, you can find many wine regions with lovely vineyards, heritage wine cellars, and boutique inns. Take a tasteful trip covering a number of wine regions like Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, and the cozy little Langhorne Creek. Switch up the dorm room parties for a wine tour that you can #throwback to later.

Explore the hippie town of Mullumbimby

Add this offbeat destination to your summer break to escape the bustling city and live in the counterculture capital of the Byron Shire. Spend some time getting lost in this quaint town’s natural beauty, which will not only offer you a much-needed change of setting but even the chance to dive into some interesting local architecture.

Dance with the Aurora Lights

As we all know, the Northern Lights took over the internet in an instant, but were you also aware that Australia can offer you the same experience at the wondrous island of Tasmania? The Aurora Australis offers you skies filled with dancing green and purple lights. Spend a night here and watch the symphony of colors at this enchanting location!

Treat yourself at the Peninsula Hot Springs

Relieve yourself of all that built-up exam stress by dipping into the natural saunas at the Peninsula Hot Springs, just a few miles away from Melbourne. The award-winning spa here offers downtime from all university life and even has a gourmet food and wine evening to end your trip with.

Surf it up in Sydney

No summer break in Australia is complete without a day at the beach to soak up the sun, swim in the sea, and surf up some sweet waves! Sydney gives you every kind of beach you need, whether it’s for some peaceful me-time or for partying all day with your friends. If you’re looking to catch some waves, don’t miss out on the ever-popular Bondi Beach!

Make sure to take some time off from your busy college schedule to have some fun and explore Australia. With this handy list, you and your friends will have no trouble planning the ultimate summer break!

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Date Published: Apr-11-2022

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